Q: When did you start photography?
A: I started shooting in April 2020.
Q: What Equipment do You USe?
A: I am shooting on a Canon EoS R Mirrorless camera. I am Using SiGMA ART (20mm, 35mm, 50M, 85mM f1.4). For Lighting, i mostly use godox.
Q: What does a Shooting Cost?
A: What does a Car Cost?
No, Seriously: IT depends on the complexity (e.g. how many people are involved, what has to be photographed) and the requirements (e.g. how many pictures do you need). I will mostly charge a basic amount and an on-top-fee.
Q: are you doing "free" shootings as well?
A: i am regularly doing TFP Shootings (Time for Prints). This means that i am working with models and we both pay for the shooting just with our time. meaning: the model gets some of my photos and i can work with a great subject to extend my portfolio. 
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Q: i want to start with photography. what should i do first?
A: first of all, an expensive camera makes you a good photographer the same way an expensive pan makes you a great chef. A used DSLR or even your phone will do for the start. (Lenses are way more important anyways.)
So what's important in the Beginning? Learn about compositions, how colors match in a Photograph and what role lighting plays (Youtube is a great source of content!). Start following (good) Photographers on Instagram and think about why certain pictures do appeal to you and why some do not. and the most important point: Try out the things you have learned - go out and shoot! Make as many mistakes as you can and learn from them.
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